Mid Routing

Advanced Mid Routing provides the merchant with load balancing across an unlimited amount of merchant accounts (MIDs). Fields defined by the merchant can also be balanced across multiple MIDS.

PayFrame can divide your transactions across as many merchant accounts as you need.

This allows stability and peace of mind in case a challenge arises with a particular merchant account. Instead of having a nightmare on your hands, you can still process with a live account and have money coming in, all done behind the scenes. And the best part… it’s done AUTOMATICALLY!

There are multiple avenues you can choose.


The first transaction can go to a specific processor, the second transaction to another, and so on. This can work for your website, virtual terminal, or even swiped transactions through our system.

Transactions can be routed automatically to maintain a total dollar amount or percentage allocated by account holder. Custom description can also be added to the MID inside the Virtual Terminal. Users can select individual MIDs to route a transaction.

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